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What is a Cartouche?

[Cartouche]A cartouche (pronounced "kartoosh"), was an insignia worn or carried by ancient Egyptian royalty and nobility. Each person had a unique cartouche which identified the owner and served as a nameplate or emblem. The oval plaque with a knot on the bottom signified "encircling protection", guarding from misfortune, whomever the cartouche identified within.

Cartouches are still being discovered in the ruins of Egypt. Carved within the walls of temples, painted on scrolls of papyrus or worn as jewelry, the popularity of the cartouche in ancient Egypt was unprecedented. Skilled artisans in the timeless Khan-el-Khalily bazaar, located in the heart of Cairo, have taken the ancient design and re-created a beautiful piece of cartouche jewelry. Meticulously crafted by hand, these artisans can translate any word, name or initials into hieroglyphic symbols. Select any style or shape, the end result is a very unique and stunning piece of cartouche jewelry.